The Heart

 The knowledge of the heart as the foundation for an education directed to the integral peace of the human being.

 What is a human being?


Scientists, academics, and professionals research the nature of humans and they have dedicated their effort to understand their conduct. All people, despite their origin, are physically similar, however they present differentiating features, not only in their physical appearance, but also in terms of thinking and how they act. Human beings are capable having profound and sincere feelings, such as love, compassion and solidarity, but at the same time they can trigger their lowest instincts such as hate, resentment, envy and intolerance. People can have the most noble and selfless actions with perfect strangers, but they are also capable of persecuting, killing, annihilating, members of their own family or entire populations.

Man is the only living being that persecutes those of their same species to mass exterminate them.

All these aspects allow us to conclude that the seed of both the seed of good and evil are definitely within them. The question that arises is: which factors determine that one of these seeds germinates within a person?

To understand human behavior we must first learn how humans are formed. Humans are a trinity being, composed of soul, spirit, and body.


The body is our physical medium by which we communicate with our surroundings, a physical, material entity made of meat, which allows the human to project everything in their interior.

The physical body has five senses: auditory, taste, smell, touch and sight; through these senses we can communicate with other people and with the world that surrounds us, and interject in our spirit and to our soul the messages and stimuli that are around us. At the same time through these senses of our body we can express in actions or words what we have sown in our heart and in our mind, that is, in our soul and spirit.

You don’t think with your eyes, touch or nose, you think with your mind. The senses of your physical body don’t imagine, imagination is something within you, it is an intangible being.


It is the conscious part of humans, an intangible entity that cannot be seen. The spirit is the part of humans that can be educated, where we develop intelligence, through the spirit we acquire knowledge. The spirit is located in the mind of humans.

The spirit has five senses: reason, imagination, memory, conscious, and affection. Through those senses of the spirit we can think, reason, imagine, learn, feel affection, and put in our soul or heart those messages, information or stimuli that come into our interior through the senses of our body.

When we come to harmonize the senses of our spirit with our soul or heart, and with our body, humans reach a full state and the spirit manifests certain potentials or characteristics like love, enthusiasm, peace, perseverance, respect faith, humbleness, and self-control.

The spirit is the vehicle through which our soul expresses or manifests itself in the invisible world, and in the physical or visible world, using the senses of the body to manifest.


The soul is the subconscious part of humans the soul is really the essence of a person, and it is located in the heart.

The soul only has one sense, which is free will, which implicates freedom of election. The soul is who humans really are. What would that physical space which is our body, be without foundations?

The soul or heart decide with that freedom of election what is the information or message that it will accept or discard. It is in the soul where humans believe or doubt a determined message.

Man’s body can be compared to an edification or construction: it is what can be perceived through the sight of other people. Through this edification the person expresses, develops, and interacts with the world that surrounds them. That physical space presents certain characteristics, it has been built with a purpose. Nevertheless everything that is constructed physically has a limited lifespan, that is why the importance of everything that is in that building to produce a positive impact for humanity, because that impact is the imprint that the person will leave, which will last after the physical part ceases to exist.

That which is physically built has a life span, but what that space generates in the interior has an impact that will transcend into society, whether in positive or negative way. For example, you build a school, a hospital or a club, and at some time you will have to remodel, collapse that construction, because it’s obsolete, dysfunctional or deteriorated. However, what people will remember is what started or was done in that place, and how it impacted society.

Human beings aren’t simply a physical body, they are also spirit and living soul. If humans were only the physical body, they would die along with their actions, however how many people even though they’re dead have left a valuable legacy that has impacted humanity in a positive and constructive way. Then, what in reality are humans, if that lasts are their actions that have stemmed from their interior?


The control tower of the spirit is the brain which is in the head, and the control tower of the soul is in the heart. And in the mind, in the head, the person’s sprit thinks, and in the heart the person’s soul thinks.

Remember that the thoughts of a person’s heart, that go through the heart to the mind, through the soul to the person’s spirit, and through the different senses of the spirit (imagination, reason, conscience, memory and affection) makes them become apparent, but without materializing, and passes them to the body.

Through the senses of the body starts to carry out the work of materializing those thoughts of the soul of the person, that in the soul’s control tower: the person’s heart; and they go on to the spirit of the person, thereby to the control tower in the mind: the brain; and from there to the body to materialize what it has thought: whether good or bad.

But from the heart the soul’s thoughts proceed to the person’s spirit, and manifest in the person’s mind; from there, they proceed to the person’s body to manifest itself through the body’s senses.

The senses of the body are to make and have contact with this terrestrial dimension, and all the things that have to do with this terrestrial life; and the spirit’s senses are to make contact with the interior world, the intangible things, to make them tangible through action to the person’s body, using the different physical senses.

The soul controls the spirit, and the spirit controls the body. Through the senses of the body and the spirit we internalize everything we receive from the exterior world, either good or bad, and it is with the soul’s senses, with the freedom of election that we decide whether to accept it or not. Human beings lose the correct order of the life of human beings, they invert the order to live on Earth in justice, peace and happiness.


We previously mentioned that a human’s heart is the control tower of the heart. And that the heart gives orders to the mind. This information has become completely substantiated due to extensive research on this field.

In 1991, Dr. John A. Armour, a neuro-cardiologist, was the first to mention the concept: “heart of the brain”. Thanks to his research, he showed that the heart possesses a complex nervous system, that the heart has neurons. Amongst his other contributions, he revealed that the heart’s neurons are capable of processing all types of information that comes from the whole organism.

Oxford University performed extensive research with doctors from all over the world in the field of neuroradiology, which they made known in 2010, and as a result obtained dazzling information that changed the concept about the function of the heart, organ that not too long ago for many was simply in charge of pumping blood throughout the body.

A new medical specialty has emerged called, neuroradiology. This new medical specialty has proven that the heart has more than 40,000 neurons, equal to those of the brain in our head (which has 1100 thousand million neurons), and possesses a closely woven and complex network of neurotransmitters, proteins, and support cells. The heart works independently from the brain.


Dr. Annie Marquier, mathematician and research of conscience, author of the book, “The Heart Revolution”, published on March, 2010, asserts that four types of connections exist that divide the heart and go directly to the brain in the head.

First Connection: The neurological communication through the transmission of nerve impulses. The heart sends more information to the brain than what it receives, it is the only organ in the body with that property, and it can inhibit or activate certain parts of the brain according to the circumstances; it can influence our perception of reality and therefor our reactions.

Second Connection: The biochemical information through hormones and neurotransmitters. It is the heart that produces the hormone ANF, which ensures the general equilibrium of the body: homeostasis. One of its effects is to inhibit the production of the stress hormone and to produce and free oxytocin, which is known as the love hormone.

Third Connection: The biophysical communication through pressure waves. Through the cardiac rhythm and its vibrations, the heart sends messages to the brain and the rest of the body.

Fourth Connection: The energetic communication. The electromagnetic field of the heart is the most potent of all body organs, 5,000 times more intense than those of the brain, and it has been observed that it changes in function to the emotional state. When we are afraid, frustrated, or stressed, the electromagnetic field of the heart becomes chaotic.

Howard Martin, one of the pioneers of the Institute of Heart Math, specialist in topics of the heart, has researched the effects of stress, and in an interview conducted by Francesc Prims, affirmed that the coherence and interrelation between the brain and heart.

Electromagnetic Field of the Heart

Magnetic heart


All scientists agree that the field of the heart is 5,000 times more magnetic, and potent than that of the brain. The physical extension has been measured and it is from 2 to 4 meters around the body, even though Dr. Eligio Merino says it could have up to a 5 meter radius (he detected with a sensitive magnetometer). It generates light waves that make up the principal source of information by which the body and brain build the neural network and the perception of the world. The heart is our energetic center.

Electric Field of the Heart

The heart generates the most powerful and the most extensive electric field of the body. Comparing it with the brain’s electric field, it is 60 times larger in amplitude, and penetrates each of the 800 thousand millions of cells of the body, then transmitting information to the brain and body.

Properties of the “Brain of the Heart”

  1. It can inhibit or activate certain parts of the brain, given the circumstances.
  2. It can influence the perception of reality, and therefore, our reactions.
  3. It’s intelligent. It can make decisions and pass to action, independently from the brain.
  4. It can learn, remember, even perceive.
  5. It possesses an infinite knowledge and gives us direction, a directive to make decisions in our life.

Brain waves

They synchronize with the variations of the cardiac rhythm, that is, the heart conditions the head (the heart drags the head). Activates in the brain of the head completely new superior centers of perceptions that interpret reality without relying on past experiences. This new circuit doesn’t pass through old memories, its knowledge is immediate, instant, and this is why it has an exact perception of reality.

As we have seen, the heart thinks, it has intelligence, it is the center from which all energy of the body emanates. The heart has a direct channel with the mind. All information that we perceive from the exterior world is through our five senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch). When we perceive this information the brain processes it. Before it was thought that the brain was the first to grasp that information, but that isn’t true. It is the heart that first captures it, then it passes through the brain of the head through the neurons it has. The heart is a thinking being, a being that can make decisions, capturing reality as it is.

Heart Rate

There are two types of variations in heart rate: one is harmonious, of ample and regular waves. This rate activates when the person has positive, elevated, and generous thoughts,

The other rate is chaotic, unorganized, with incoherent waves. They appear with negative emotions, such as: anger, fear, distrust, jealousy, etc.

A research institute linked to Stanford University in California, has discovered a very interesting fact, difficult to understand, but soon we will realize that “when the mind cooperates, the heart responds”.

The fact that this institute has discovered is that as soon as a woman becomes pregnant and conceives a baby, the baby’s heart starts to beat before the brain is formed, and much before the being is completely formed. The question here is: Where do these beats come from? Who causes them? What causes them? Where does the intelligence come from to initiate and regulate the heart beats in a being that is just beginning to form?


Today we can scientifically prove that the soul is within the human heart, from there it sends signals throughout the body. The heart is the only organ that can send information to the brain and throughout the body.

Life flows from the heart, and not only in the biological part when it pumps body throughout the body, it gives life to the cells, every instant of every day. It is the center, where the soul is, therefore it is the very essence of the human being. 

All ideas and impressions that we receive originate in the heart, and from the heart they go to the mind, where they are processed. The mind is a simple processor, this is why it is cold and calculating. It cannot create information of any type, it doesn’t have autonomy. The only thing it does is to process everything that comes to the heart.

The heart acts as a filter due to our physical body, through the connection with our being, with our conscience. It is a much cleaner and purer filter than the mind, for the heart is free of our self, our ego. The mind is the cave of our ego. Our genuine thoughts come from the heart, the processed ones come from the mind, and of course our genuine thoughts allow us to live our present in peace and happiness.

Gandhi said, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” Psychologists call this transparent personality.

It has been proven that when human beings use their heart’s brain, it creates a state of biological coherence, and everything harmonizes and functions correctly. It is a superior intelligence that activates through positive emotions.


The circuit of the heart’s brain treats the information and then passes the order to the head’s brain. The heart conditions the head. The heart operates the brain.

How can we activate this circuit to form human beings with integral peace? Cultivating the qualities of the heart, the openness towards others, listening, patience, cooperation, acceptance of differences.

We must monitor what information we internalize through our body’s senses, and use all those physical senses to bring the spirit positive things that will form comprehensive human beings, for example, a good read with content that will contribute to the growth values, education, a poem, a novel, all that will make us grow as human beings and awakens Fethat sensitivity, that sense of affection, of reasoning that we have by nature, but that can be projected for good or evil.

To use the sense of sight and our ear to see and hear words, messages, programs, movies, series, or music, among other messages, the content of which in addition to generating thoughts and feelings of pleasure or distraction, allow us to cultivate our creativity, stimulate our imagination in a positive manner, and whose content fortifies our conscience as individuals and as a society.

In this manner, through our body’s senses we send messages to the spirit’s senses and to the heart, but there, in the heart, is where the decision is made. The heart decides how it will act with that information, and accept or reject that message, it believes it or doubts it; sends the order to the spirit, and the spirit materializes it, externalizes it through the body’s senses.

We must learn to trust in our heart’s decision, for if we sow positive things in our soul, that control tower will send that information throughout our body looking for that harmony, we must recognize the real origin of our emotional reactions is not in what happens in the exterior, but in our interior.

Let’s ask our heart when we don’t know what to do, because the soul is there; and let’s take care of what we sow in our heart, because from it flows life.


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  1. katherine Olivero Garcìa says:

    Gracias doctor William Soto, por sus enseñanzas, es importante que como seres humanos entendamos que somos y como funcionamos emocional e intelectualmente, para asì ser consientes de nuestra capacidad de autocontrol en nuestro propio beneficio.


    racias Dr. William Soto por tan importante mensaje, es por ello que tenemos que cuidar nuestro corazon porque el es centro donde esta el alma. “MUY HERMOSO”