William Soto Santiago was born in Puerto Rico, on June 14, 1940. He is an activist for peace, a humanitarian, theologist, and research professor. An internationally renowned speaker and Ambassador of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace.

From a very young age he was known for his ideals of service to humanity and his earnest desire to promote the construction of a more just, tolerant and inclusive society.

He is a Doctor in Philosophy and Theology from the International Cambridge University. He has been awarded Honoris Causa doctorates by various universities.

His work as humanitarian and activist for peace has been the object of recognition and distinctions awarded by different universities, governments, Latin American parliaments, Education and Human Rights commissions, amongst others, including Professor Emeritus, Professor Honoris Causa, Honorary Citizen, Distinguished Visitor, by multipe countries congresses and representatives.

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Dr. Soto Santiago has participated as speaker in different international forums promoting peace, the importance of education founded on values and constitutional principles, and the protection of human rights. His research has focused on the answer to the existential anguish of humanity, the origin of man, and man’s constitutional elements consisting of soul, spirit and body.

His life dedicated to research and his work for peace, make Dr. Soto a proactive researcher, whose theory about the importance of educating man in function with respect for diversity, minimizes violence and contributes to the construction of an inclusive just, and peaceful society, with project with visible results at an international level.

Work as an Activist for Peace

To William Soto Santiago, peace is not a utopia. Peace is more than a desire: it is a necessity, an inalienable right to every human being.

From a very young age, he developed his vision as an activist in favor of the human family, based on the necessity to promote integrated peace in the human being, in society, in nations and between nations. According to this particular vision about integral peace, this one has to do with the soul, spirit and body, which are directly interconnected.

In his perspective, if man reached inner peace, peace in the heart, they would be able to project it, grow in different aspects of their life, and contribute to the construction of paths that lead to peaceful and harmonious cohabitation between individuals and nations.

He extends his vision of peace throughout people and nations. This work as activists has allowed him to propose, organize, and work in projects and campaigns in the areas of Education, Human Rights, justice, health, culture, in the field of interfaith dialogue, in programs of youth workforce development, and in the prevention and peaceful resolution of conflicts.